Progressive Labs Inflamase 90ct Caps


Inflamase by Progressive Labs is an enzyme supplement designed to release specific enzymes at certain points of absorption and digestion since certain enzymes need specific pH levels to function. The two release stages of Inflamase are: the Gastric Release Phase (stomach) and the Enteric Release Phase (gut or bowel).

Enzymes are molecules that are necessary for life because the act as the catalyst for numerous metabolic processes such as the digestion of food. In general‚ the majority of known enzymes that exist are proteins. The way enzymes catalyze these metabolic processes is by lowering what is called the activation energy (the least amount of energy needed to cause a chemical reaction). Here are Inflamase's two release phases as well as the enzymes associated with them.


Gastric Release Phase:

  • Bromelain: an enzyme usually cultivated from pineapple juice and pineapple stem. Inflamase includes bromelain because it contains chemicals that could possibly alleviate pain and potentially reduce swelling.
  • Superoxide Dimutase: this enzyme is taken to possibly help degrade oxygen molecules in cells that could be potentially harmful to our bodies. This might help prevent certain tissue damage.

Enteric Release Phase:

  • Trypsin: Inflamase includes this enzyme due to its possible effectiveness in improving digestion.
  • Pancreatin: this is composed of three digestive enzymes that derive from the pancreas. The first enzyme is amylase‚ which is responsible for breaking down starch into sugar. Then lipase is the enzyme in change of acting as the catalyst for the breakdown of fats. Protease is the last enzyme in pancreatin and it breaks down peptide bonds.
  • Alpha Chymotrypsin: an enzyme that may exhibit anti inflammatory properties and could potentially aid in tissue healing.
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